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BAKABERG offers business solutions, and digital media on matters for this generation of progressive organizers and organizations, helping them achieve intentional and purposeful advancement.

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For your business’s next level.


BAKABERG specializes in turning data into structural change. We provide support in a variety of ways including Project Management, Diverse Talent Acquisition, Communications Packages, Change Management, Audits, and Data Analysis that translates to system changes.


Our team is trained in Agile Project Management using ITIL 4 concepts to prioritize efficient, strategic, planning and problem solving throughout the engagement.

Custom Plans / Workshops

For organizations and companies interested in developing the capabilities of their staff or management, we provide custom workshops and trainings on a variety of topics geared toward equitable capacity building, workplace culture refinement, and social change education.

A Financial Season For a Millennial

A Financial Season For a Millennial

One day you are going to wake up in your thirties and decide that this life is not enough, and you need more. One day that more will mean that you have to go back to grad school. When that day comes, you will have to negotiate with yourself as to how you are going to...

Natural Hair Movement and the Workplace

Natural Hair Movement and the Workplace

It’s time to switch it up. Natural hair can be healthy and look professional. You should never compromise healthy hair for an acceptable style. This may be tough because hair is a big part of a person’s aesthetic. And we are totally judged on what we look like. For...

BAKABERG Conversation on H.I.P. Through Science

BAKABERG Conversation on H.I.P. Through Science

BAKABERG Conversation on H.I.P. Through Science BB: “Hello Dimitrios, how is it going” DJ: “What’s up? Good, it’s going well.” BB: “So let’s get right into it.” DJ: “Okay.” BB: “We’ve been following your nonprofit from the beginning, tell us about the...

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