It’s time to switch it up. Natural hair can be healthy and look professional. You should never compromise healthy hair for an acceptable style. This may be tough because hair is a big part of a person’s aesthetic. And we are totally judged on what we look like. For women of the diaspora, our hair is not understood and has been compared to European hair. This is especial the case for women of colour with 4c textures or kinkier.

Some incorporate women wigs, weaves, extensions, hats and hair accessories to both fit into their workplace culture and style their hair. And quite frankly, its exhausting. Not just trying to fit in but also finding our natural hair texture and products that work with it. Embracing our natural textures has inspired us to do the big chop, which is huge.

We are maintaining a diet rich in vitamins, which are necessary to grow our locks. Learning how our environment, chemicals and everyday activities affect our bodies and our hair and switching it up. Watching YouTube videos and becoming at home stylist through trial and error. Spending an exorbitant amount of time money and resources, sometimes only to fail at recreating a style time and time again. Going to salons and braid shops and having anxiety about heat damage, long stays and stress. Worrying about protecting your edges and them laying, your attachments matching and your kitchen being properly groomed. Drinking plenty of water and working out regularly. And lest we forget washday requiring a personal day, because we all know that whether you have a TWA teeny, weenie afro or ankle-length hair this is an all-day affair. No outside plans will be
made on this day. We this, sometimes begrudgingly for the greater good the movement. We also know that your entire look can be changed, made or broken through your hair. Needless to say, it’s kind of a big deal. And remember, whether you embrace or like it or not, we are teaching those who are uninformed of our experience, needs and struggle, how to treat us especially at work. This just might include other women of colour who are in the sunken place.

I’ve seen it all: folks mocking us, talking bad about us, labelling us, attempting to touch our hair without permission and asking inappropriate questions or attempting to publicly humiliate us. You might feel cornered, bullied and you may not have all the answers, but remain true to yourself and keep your head up high, confidently. Your true sisters know what’s up and we will always have your back. The natural hair movement is not a fad. We as Black women all over the globe are embracing our full selves, taking better care of ourselves physically and emotionally and it is transcendent through our decisions to go natural. Our efforts will not be for nought. Just like the appropriation of your culture, the mainstream will bow down whether they want to or not. And if we stick together, we will be good. We’ll set the pace just as we always do.

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